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Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance

A very exciting time in someone's life can come when they move into a new rental unit. When this time comes, there is a lot of work that comes with finding a place, planning a move, and decorating. Another important factor to take into consideration at this time is your insurance needs. Anyone that is going to move into a new apartment or other rental property in New York needs to have renter’s insurance. There are many reasons why someone could need a renter’s insurance policy.

Required by Lease

One of the benefits of getting a renter’s insurance policy is that it can ensure that you are in compliance with your lease. Having a tenant that does not have the proper insurance in place puts an additional risk on the landlord. Due to this, they likely are going to require that you have renter’s insurance at all times. In most cases, they may make you pay for an entire annual policy up front before you move into your new home, which ensures you have full coverage for the term of a one-year lease.

Gives Necessary Coverage

Even if you are not required by your landlord to carry renter’s insurance, you should still try and get it. When you have a full renters insurance policy, you are going to receive coverage that can protect you in many different ways. A quality renters insurance policy will give you the necessary liability insurance and protect all of your personal belongings.

If you are in New York and looking to rent an apartment, it is important that you carefully consider all of your insurance needs. One company that can help you to evaluate your needs and options is Moore Insurance Services LLC. The team at Moore Insurance Services LLC excels at helping customers to get into policies that provide the right protection. This ensures you will be in lease compliance and have all the coverage that you need.